Domino's Pizza 'Fake Cheese' Video Is Allegedly a Hoax

BBC says they did not produce the flick

The five minute clip recently went viral.

A video alleging that Domino’s Pizza in India uses “fake cheese” has recently gone viral — but the video itself isn’t what it claims to be. In the five-minute clip, which claims to be from a “BBC report,” a man with a British accent narrates the story of an anonymous “former chef” for the pizza chain who worked there for six months before quitting because he was “sickened” about the company’s “deceptive marketing.”

The unknown man is heard talking about how oily and greasy the chain’s garlic bread is, and how the pizzas don’t use any actual mozzarella, but non-dairy “cream emulsified milk” instead. He claims that he tried to make “food as food” and not a “chemical construction of something,” but all his ideas were shot down because they were too expensive and the brand valued money more than it did its customers.

The narrator moves on to talk about how Domino’s in India doesn’t provide nutritional facts, so filmmakers had their products analyzed in a laboratory where they allegedly found zero percent real cheese and lots of saturated fats. After seeking out interviews from the brand, producers claim they were rejected.

But the BBC is saying they had nothing to do with this faux documentary.

“We would like to clarify that the video is not from BBC. The same has been confirmed to us by BBC officially after their internal investigation,” a Domino’s spokesperson told Forbes India. “Our veg and non-veg pizzas have always been made from the best quality 100% real mozzarella cheese prepared from real milk.”

We can all rest easy knowing that our delicious Domino’s pies are made with genuine cheese. On the other hand, we might have a few nightmares after having witnessed these wacked-out toppings people actually put on their pizzas.