Detroit's 15 Best Restaurants

Unless you've existed under a rock for the past 10 years, you are well aware of the slow and steady decline Detroit has been suffering. However, the residents of Motor City are proving to the rest of the country — and the world — that they will not accept defeat, and have been working in a myriad of ways to ensure that America's Comeback City will enjoy future success and abundance.  

One of these ways is through the culinary scene in Detroit, which is experiencing a passionate revitalization. Sure, the city has great hot dogs, but there's so much more for food-lovers to enjoy, including (but certainly not limited to) tantalizing tacos, killer barbecue, insanely delicious Italian fare, steaks from a celebrity chef, and much more. Here, then, are the 15 best restaurants in Detroit: 

15) Slows Bar B QSlows Bar B Q

has been earning national recognition  and fame for more than a few years running. Located in the heart of Corktown, not too far from where Tiger Stadium used to stand, this big name draws in the crowds. Slows has perfected the art of barbecue in Detroit and has been featured on many national television shows, including a number of Food Network specials highlighting its signature smoked meats and entrées. Though many flock to this diner to eat in — day and night — Slows also offers a "Slows-to-Go" service. They have reinvented the idea of Detroit barbecue, putting Motown on the map alongside some of the South's best names with their expertly executed ribs, pulled pork, and other barbeque favorites.

14) Green Dot StablesGreen Dot Stables

' self-description on their website reads "Sliders, Fries, Soups & Salads in a casual atmosphere," and they have clearly enjoyed great success with this simple philosophy. The eatery began as a bar, which closed in 2010. But new owner Jacques Driscoll reopened it as an eatery in the very beginning of 2012, keeping the beloved equestrian-themed décor. The menu has over 20 different sliders with something for everyone, from the tempeh (marinated tempeh, wasabi mayonnaise, and Wakame salad), to the fried bologna (made with Dearborn bologna and grilled onions), to the Korean (beef patty, peanut butter, and kimchi). Best of all, they're all priced at just $2 to $3 each, so you can try as many as you want without stressing your bank account.