Dancing Across The Bostonian Food Scene

On the 4th of April, from 6:30-9:30 p.m., guests will enjoy cultural performances in the Art of the Americas wing of the MFA, while satiating appetites with dishes provided by some of the city's celebrity chefs. Among the list of over 30 participating chefs, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy and meet Joanne Chang, Tiffany Faison, Dave Becker and the MFA's own, Gilbert Tsang. Chef Jasper White of Summer Shack, a supporter from the beginning, has a personal connection with the Joslin Clinic from his own battle with diabetes:

'Taste of Ginger, which I helped to launch at the beginning, was a venue for me to show appreciation to Dr. William Hsu and the Joslin Clinic, who helped me out my diabetes in remission. Over the years, the event has taken in a life of its own, with food that I consider to be the most delicious of any event in Boston. Now I do it because it is tasty and fun; it is also an opportunity to express my gratitude to the local Asian community who support my restaurants in a big way." –Jasper White of Summer Shack


As a leading organization for the research and treatment of diabetes, the AADI initiative provides a different perspective and attention to detail that surpasses the norm. Focusing on the needs of the growing population of Asian Americans, awareness of the different issues is integral in the fight against a disease which can affect such a large percentage of the population. The MFA, and chefs alike, believe in the power of action as well as the power of art and food combining together to create awareness and make change:

 "We are so pleased that Joslin Diabetes Center chooses the MFA for their annual 'Taste of Ginger' event, which takes advantage of some of the Museum's most unique spaces," said Katie Getchell, Deputy Director at the MFA. "We look forward to welcoming their supporters for a wonderful evening." -MFA

Like the purpose of good art, the gain in knowledge and perspective will stay with you for the rest of your life. Reserve your ticket to this event now and experience 'A Taste of Ginger' for yourself, knowing that your very presence is working towards a greater good. Tickets can be purchased here.