Dairy Queen Owner Refuses To Apologize For Anti-Hindu Signs Outside Restaurant

A bizarre, nonsensical sign condemning religion, but particularly Hinduism, has been spotted outside a Dairy Queen in Kemah, Texas. Owner Mohammed Dar, who identifies as Muslim, said that he refuses to remove or apologize for the offensive signs and strongly believes that "racism is the foundation of Hinduism" and insists that his opinions are actually fact.

The signs show several pictures of flags, religious leaders, and other images depicting international cultures and religions with captions like "Racism by Faith," and "Obey Preserve Implement Constitution of USA not Monkey Ism [sic] of Dark Ages."

Dar told local news station KRPC that the signs have been up for six months and only "one percent of customers" have complained thus far.

"This the facts, anybody has a problem, I challenge them to prove me wrong," he told KRPC. "I do not practice racism but human equality. This is not offensive, this is educational."

"Although the vast majority of our restaurants are independently owned and operated, American Dairy Queen Corporation does not encourage non-business related messages in stores or displayed on exterior reader boards," a Dairy Queen spokesperson told The Daily Meal. "We support and welcome all customers. The unfortunate actions of this individual franchisee are not representative of our iconic family brand. We do not condone this behavior."