Dairy Queen Adds Dreamsicle-Dipped Cones to Menu for Spring and Summer

It’s not a dream: The orange-vanilla treat is fresh and even trendy

Sure, chocolate-dipped cones are a delight, but just like your wardrobe, you want to freshen up your flavor choices when spring arrives. Dairy Queen is now offering a new dreamsicle-dipped cone. Like the chain’s other dipped cones, this new menu item features the DQ’s classic vanilla soft serve coated in creamy orange-vanilla topping that’s as bright as an out-of-season pumpkin.

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You might call an orange-topped vanilla ice cream bar many things — a creamsicle, a dreamsicle, even a 50/50 bar. Either way, it’s a classic treat that you may remember buying from the neighborhood ice cream truck. For the uninitiated, think of a frozen orange ice pop with vanilla ice cream in the center. Now, take away the serving stick, add a cone and that famous swirl at the top, and you’ve got DQ’s new dreamsicle-dipped cone.

The bright orange cones are available at DQ locations now throughout the summer, a Dairy Queen spokesperson told The Daily Meal in an email. The cone is priced around $2.44, but availability and price may vary by location.


Orange and vanilla have mixed in ice cream form for decades, but the two flavors have recently become trendy again. Even beverage giant Coca-Cola just introduced a new orange-vanilla flavor, the first new canned soda flavor for the brand in a decade. But really, dreamsicle-flavored anything is pretty tame compared to these 21 unexpected ice cream flavors.