This Dairy Queen Has Been Playing By Its Own Rules Since 1949

When is a Dairy Queen not a Dairy Queen?

Yelp/ Paul H

The Dairy Queen hasn't changed in years. 

Fast food chains are notoriously tough with their franchises when it comes to playing by the rules. If corporate allows one of its franchises to do whatever it wants, then there’s nothing stopping all the others from following suit. But that’s apparently not always the case, because one Dairy Queen in downtown Moorhead, Minnesota, has gone decidedly rogue.

Since opening in 1949, this outlet of the famed ice cream chain has done what it wants, thanks to a generous contract that gives them a lot more leeway than franchises that opened more recently. Prices are very reasonable, portions are more generous that you’ll find at other outposts, and there are plenty of items that you won’t find at any other DQ. These include a chocolate-covered frozen banana, chocolate malt on a stick, chocolate-covered ice cream sandwiches, barbecue sandwiches, chili, Nathan’s hot dogs, and Polish sausages. And instead of selling premade cakes, owner Troy DeLeon makes them all himself, according to The Associated Press.


Dairy Queen Corporate has apparently been trying to get this location to clean up its act by offering a generous new contract that would require them to become uniform with the rest of the chain’s locations, but the DeLeons refuse to sign. “We want people to take a step back in time and experience something they don’t get a chance to experience very often,” DeLeon told the AP.