Daily Harvest Review

Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day can be exhausting. If you've been looking for a way to get nutritious meals on the table fast, consider Daily Harvest. The completely vegan meal delivery service offers a variety of products like smoothies, flatbreads, icecream and more, that are ready in a matter of minutes. I recently tried a few of the company's products; this is what I thought.  

Daily Harvest Details

Daily Harvest is a little different than your typical meal kit delivery service. The company offers pre-prepared, single-serving items like smoothies and harvest bowls instead of recipes.

There's no weekly rotating menu. Instead, customers choose from a wide selection of 80 items and the box comes with those same items every week — or month — depending on your plan. After the first week, you can swap out items in your box for others you want to try.

The 100% plant-based meal kit has a few different pricing options. Boxes can come with either nine, 14 or 24 items, and the price of your box is dictated by what you fill it with. The menu items start at $5.99 for the chia and oat bowls, and go up to $8.99 for the harvest bowls and flatbreads.

Daily Harvest is catered toward people who live or are interested in living a plant-based diet, and the meals are 100% plant-based.

Daily Harvest Experience

For me, a single person living in the city, Daily Harvest's individually packaged meals were incredibly useful. It's not always easy to find time for breakfast, and cooking dinner every night can get old. On days when I was feeling a little lazy, it was convenient to pop a Daily Harvest flatbread into the oven or a smoothie into the blender.

The kit arrived in a recyclable, undamaged box and the items were still very cold upon opening. I sampled a variety of different items including smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads and ice cream, as well as a latte and the cacao nib bites.

There are plenty of items to choose from, like a ginger and greens smoothie, red lentil and cumin harvest bowl, kale and sweet potato flatbread, and blackberry and majik chia bowl.

The smoothies come with whole ingredients, all you need to do is fill the cup with your milk of choice and pour its contents into a blender. Sometimes the smoothies were hard to blend and a little chunky, so I had to add in extra milk, but the flavor was always spot on.

I also tried a few of the harvest bowls, for these, you just add water to the bowl and put it in the microwave for a few minutes. My favorite was the butternut squash and kale shakshuka, which had a nice blend of autumn flavors. I also tried the Brussels sprouts and lime pad thai harvest bowl, but it had a mushy consistency, and the veggie noodles didn't replicate pad thai very well. Overall, I thought the bowls and flatbreads were good but not very filling. They work better as a lunch option.

My favorite part about Daily Harvest is the dessert — you would never know it's vegan. I tried the Chocolate + Ooey, Gooey, Midnight Fudge and the Strawberry + Rich, Rippled Berry Compote. The desserts have to be thawed for about 10 minutes, but the flavors are incredible. The consistency is more reminiscent of thick Italian ice, but I thought they were still a good option for dessert lovers looking for a healthy-ish alternative.

Overall, I'd recommend Daily Harvest to busy, single people who are looking for healthy, organic meals, as well as vegans and vegetarians who want easy, diverse frozen food options. But if you're someone who enjoys cooking, are trying to feed more than one person, or just prefer hearty, filling meals, Daily Harvest is not the kit for you.

Disclosure: The products in this review were provided by the company, but all opinions are honest and belong solely to the reviewer.