The Daily Dish: You Can Buy A Ranch Dressing Fountain For $100

You Can Buy a Ranch Dressing Fountain for $100

From chocolate fountains at weddings to Velveeta fountains filled with bubbly molten cheese, there's nothing more fun than dipping your hors d'oeuvre into an edible cascade of liquid. The latest and strangest trend on the fountain front is the ranch dressing fountain sold by Hidden Valley. The fountain fits twelve 36-ounce bottles of Hidden Valley dressing inside, so that's plenty of opportunity to experiment with chips, veggies, wings, and even pizza. The ranch dressing fountain costs $100 and is part of a line of goodies sold by Flavour Gallery Collection. You can buy a bedazzled Hidden Valley bottle for $50, as well as iPhone cases, hats, t-shirts, and cozies that celebrate your love for all things ranch.

Budweiser Wants to Be the First to Brew Beer on Mars

Budweiser just announced a sky-high ambition at a presentation during the South by Southwest festival to be the first to brew beer on Mars. The microgravity brewery project was announced by Anheuser-Busch's vice president of innovation, Valerie Toothman, in collaboration with retired astronaut Clayton "Clay" Anderson and other industry experts. "With this bold, new dream, Budweiser is celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit in which our iconic brand was founded upon," said Ricardo Marques, vice president of Budweiser. The Red Planet brewery mission will likely take years, if not decades, to accomplish. Bud's mission will likely coincide with Elon Musk's SpaceX's plan to colonize Mars in the coming decades.



This 'Enchanted Rose' Beauty and the Beast Cup Has People Waiting for Hours


Disneyland in Anaheim, California, opened a pop-up Beauty and the Beast café called the Red Rose Taverne in honor of the new live-action movie starring Emma Watson coming to theaters this Friday, and their number-one-selling item is the Enchanted Rose Tumbler. People are waiting for hours just to buy the $15 cup. Thanks to an Instagram post that went viral, the plastic enchanted rose cups that light up and look almost exactly like the fateful rose in the movie are selling out like crazy. They're going for more than $70 on eBay. We have to admit, though — the cup does look pretty magical.



Starbucks Reveals Plans for Costa Rican Coffee Farm Experience


Nearly four years ago, Starbucks purchased the Costa Rican coffee farm Hacienda Alsacia, which now serves as a global research and development facility for the company. On Monday, the company announced that this farm will open its doors to visitors in 2018 as a way for consumers to learn about the origins of Starbucks' Arabica coffee. "This visitor center allows us to create a connection between the people that grow the coffee, the role our farm plays in helping to ensure their economic stability, and the stores that roast and brew it for our customers every day," Cliff Burrows, group president of Siren Retail and global coffee for Starbucks, said in a statement.



AB InBev Taps Into Female-Led Marketing Team for Lime-A-Rita Rebrand

This week, Anheuser-Busch announced that its Lime-a-Rita is getting a makeover. The company is launching the rebrand with a new female-focused campaign, "Make it a Margarita Moment," which will be led by a team of creative women. "We thought if we are going to speak to women and to feel authentic, that women needed to be working on this brand in order to put that stake in the ground," Selena Kalvaria, senior director for the brand, told Advertising Age. The brand's packaging will also undergo a redesign inspired by Pop Art, and five new spring flavors will be introduced, including Grape-A-Rita, Peach-A-Rita, and Orange-A-Rita.