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The Daily Dish - October 17, 2016

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Mathias Willemijns

This Is the World’s Largest Pumpkin

The former world record for the largest pumpkin (2,323 pounds), set just last year, has been broken by Belgian Mathias Willemijns, whose 1,190.5-kilogram (2,623-pound) pumpkin took the top prize at the Giant Pumpkin European Championship held in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Gene McMullen, grower of the world’s second-largest pumpkin, said patience and care were the secret to growing insanely oversized specimens, the International Business Times reported. Feeding and watering the pumpkin, keeping it at an ideal temperature, and keeping the skin from getting dry are key.



Italy’s First-Ever 24-Hour Wine Fountain Opens to the Public for Free

In most areas of the world, public drinking fountains expel regular old tap water, but not in Italy. The newest public drinking fountain, located in Caldari di Ortona, in Abruzzo, flows with rivers of red wine, and it’s free to the public. This 24/7 “fontana del vino” (a welcome addition to the community) was installed by the nearby Dora Sarchese vineyard. There’s no catch or gimmick, the vineyard owners explained. They simply wanted to provide a service that had been previously unheard of in Italian history, according to The Local.



Chick-fil-A Is Bringing Back Its Original Barbecue Sauce

The customers have spoken, and Chick-fil-A is giving them what they want by bringing back its original barbecue sauce. The company swapped out its original sauce with a new version in July, and angry customers left comments and social media posts to #BringBacktheBBQ. Chick-fil-A listened, and is asking its fans to share the new hashtag #BroughtBacktheBBQ to spread the good news.


Packshot Factory

Knorr to Donate 1 Million Meals on World Food Day

Knorr is celebrating World Food Day by donating 1 million school meals for the third year in a row. Knorr has partnered with the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Global Food Banking Network. This year, Knorr is running a social media campaign to raise awareness and encourage consumers to also donate meals. Users who tweet a meal emoji with the hashtag #ShareAMeal will receive an automated message with a “real-moji” — “a real photo perfectly matching their emoji meal” — and a link to donate a meal, according to a release. The company worked with photographers and food stylists to bring the emoji meals to life. Funds from the campaign will go to the Global Food Banking Network to support its network of 792 local food banks in more than 30 countries.



World Health Organization Endorses Taxes on Sugary Drinks

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The World Health Organization made its stance on sugary drink taxes clear in a report titled “Fiscal Policies for Diet and Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases.” It stated that taxes on sugary drinks would lead to “proportional reductions in consumption,” particularly in instances where retail prices increased by 20 percent or more. In addition to making sugary drinks more expensive, reducing the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables by 10 to 30 percent would effectively increase food and vegetable consumption, Food Navigator reported.