The Daily Dish: September 3, 2015

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The Daily Dish 9.3.15

Welcome to The Daily Dish, where we highlight what's hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink.

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Welcome to The Daily Meal’s Daily Dish, where we highlight what’s hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink.

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Burger King Is Making a Peace Day Burger with Anyone Who Wants to Collaborate

It seems that Burger King is still pursuing peace, this time not with competitor McDonald’s, but with any burger joint that is up for a happy collaboration. Burger King released another open letter announcing that they will make a Peace Day Burger on September 21 with whoever wants to collaborate. Although McDonald’s turned down their McWhopper proposal, Burger King has not given up hope, saying, “McDonald’s, please take your time. We’re totally at peace with that.”

Ireland Says ‘No’ to McDonald’s Artisan Burger Because It’s Not Actually Artisan

Speaking of McDonald’s, the Irish are not lovin’ it — specifically, the recently introduced limited-edition “artisan” burger called McMór, topped with cabbage and bacon. Even though the fast food giant claims the burger is artisan, Ireland says it’s a load of blarney. According to Ireland’s Food Safety Authority, the term only applies “if the product is made in limited quantities by skilled craftspeople, the processing method isn’t totally mechanized and it should use food grown or produced locally where seasonally available and practical.” While some elements of the burger were locally sourced, McDonald’s ultimately admitted defeat and removed the word “artisan” from the label.

Over 9,000 Cases of Frozen Corn Might Be Contaminated with Listeria

In more serious news, over 9,000 cases of frozen corn were recalled, according to the FDA, due to a possible listeria contamination affecting several varieties of Bonduelle USA Inc’s corn sold under four different labels. The recall was initiated when one product tested positive for the organism, though there have been no complaints or known illnesses associated with the affected products.


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