The Daily Dish: September 23, 2015

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The Daily Dish 9.23.15

Today on The Daily Dish: Gordon Ramsey has a heart, Hugs Cafe doing Gods work, Mike Vegas cashes in on Dominoes, Denver opens up a new kind of smoking section, The Wiener's Circle finishes first with new owners, and a rat brings diner to his four turtle sons.

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Today’s first course?

Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter Response to This Chef with Epilepsy Will Make You Tear Up 

Three heart-warming stories. You know terrifying TV chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen? Well, a chef claiming to be fired because of his epilepsy, Tweeted at Ramsay and got more than he expected, a job offer.

This Small, Amazing Café in Texas Hires Mostly Adults with Special Needs

Now to McKinney, Texas where a small café does God’s work. Hugs Café is a nonprofit that hires employees with Down syndrome and other disorders. Most employees will never fully function as adults. However, for 15 hours per week, they can feel a sense of purpose accompanied by their own paycheck.

Last, a man in California who ordered Domino’s got more than pizza — $1,300 in cash. His name? Mike Vegas (of course). Though tempted, Vegas returned the money and was rewarded with free pizza for a year. It seems good deeds do pay off.

Now a few quick-hits:

Smoking Marijuana at Restaurants May Soon Be a Thing in Denver

Denver is considering legalizing marijuana smoking in public places, which could make smoking pot in designated areas in restaurants and bars a common occurrence.

That Rude Hot Dog Restaurant The Wiener’s Circle Might Expand Outside Chicago

The famously rude Chicago hot dog stand The Wiener’s Circle was sold. The new owners plan to carry on its tradition of insulting customers, and are considering expanding nationally.

We Can All Relate to This Rat Struggling to Drag a Slice of Pizza Down Subway Steps

Finally, a video of a New York City rat lugging a pizza slice down subway stairs is going viral. The Twittersphere has turned him into an underdog champion and an uplifting metaphor for the struggle of life. The video ends before he scurries off into the sunset, but we like to think the little fella’ succeeded.


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