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The Daily Dish: Retirees Knit Sweaters for These Chilly Chickens and Now They Produce More Eggs

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Retirees Knit Sweaters for These Chilly Chickens and Now They Produce More Eggs

A knitting club at the Fuller Village Retirement home, located just outside Boston, has started an unusual project to knit stylish and colorful sweaters for chilly chickens that don’t grow plumage in the winter.

The kicker? The chickens are really digging their new duds. The lucky recipients of the sweaters are dozens of hens at the Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust in Milton, Massachusetts. Estate spokeswoman Erica Max said that egg production has risen considerably since the chickens started wearing their new sweaters.

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This Couple Is Having a Spam-Themed Wedding, Because Why Not?

When it comes to weird weddings, we’ve seen all sorts of themed nuptials, but this upcoming Spam-themed wedding has got to be one of the strangest. Spam — the pre-cooked and canned meat product that’s particularly popular in Hawaii — happens to be one of the great loves of Mark Benson’s life. He even legally changed his name to Mark “I Love SPAM” Benson (no, really) in 2015. On April 25, Mark and his fiancée, Anne Mousley, will celebrate their wedding at the new Spam museum in Austin, Minnesota, where guests will be served plenty of Spam-inspired dishes. Following the wedding, Spam will be whisking away the happy couple to their honeymoon in — where else? — Hawaii, the Spam capital of the world, where they will get to experience the Spam Jam Festival.

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Bakers Arrested for Making Pastries in Venezuela

Venezuela is in the midst of a severe economic crisis, and in an attempt to combat food shortages for basic products, the government has mandated that 90 percent of wheat must go towards the production of bread, not pastries and cakes. According to The Guardian, bakers have protested the rule on the grounds that most bakeries can’t afford to devote so much wheat to bread, because it’s the more expensive pastries that actually generate income to keep the lights on. This week, four bakers were reportedly arrested for violating the rule by using too much flour for brownies and sweet breads. The government has reportedly taken over one of the bakeries for 90 days.

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Durian Kit Kats Could Be the World’s Stinkiest Candy

The world’s smelliest fruit could become the new Kit Kat flavor, if Thailand has anything to say about it. According to Rocket News 24, Thailand has suggested a range of Thai-inspired limited-edition Kit Kat flavors in an attempt to boost tourism. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, the Thai minister for tourism and sports, says she’s been speaking with Nestlé about the prospect of turning local Thai delicacies into special Kit Kats. Tamarind and mangosteen have both been suggested as possible flavors, but the most noteworthy suggestion was the idea of the durian Kit Kat. Durian is a very popular fruit in much of Asia, but it is also extremely famous for its intense aroma, which has been described as everything from “sweaty feet” to “rotting corpse.”

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A Chicago Hot Dog Cocktail Is a Thing That Exists Now

According to Bon Appétit, mixologist Adam Seger of The Tuck Room in New York infused Templeton rye with all the signature flavors of a Chicago-style hot dog, including Vienna Beef brand hot dogs, Colman’s mustard powder, raw white onion, sweet pickle relish, pickle spears, tomatoes, poppy seeds, and of course the requisite celery salt. The infused whiskey can be drunk straight or used for a variety of cocktails, though the infusion process does turn it a disturbing shade of green because of the pickle relish. Bon Appétit’s Alyse Whitney describes the Chicago dog whiskey as “oddly refreshing” and “vaguely briny and salty in a savory way that makes you hungry.”

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