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The Daily Dish - November 1, 2016

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Police Investigate Suspicious Halloween Candy

This weekend Connecticut police said some candy that was passed out at a school Halloween function may have been tampered with. According to the Hartford Courant, a child at a Monster Mash event at a school in Clinton, Connecticut, was given a small box of Dots candy that appeared to have been opened and then glued shut again. Inside, all the candy was red, which is highly unusual, as normally there are many different colors of Dots in a box. The candy will be investigated at a lab, and police said that, in the meantime, any children who attended the Monster Mash event should inspect all candy they acquired and not consume any sweets that appear to have been tampered with.


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Study Shows Red Wine May Combat Infertility

A new study from Journal Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism in Poland from has found that resveratrol, a compound in red wine, may combat infertility in women. The study focused on women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which involves the overproduction of testosterone and other excess hormones that can cause irregular menstrual periods and excess hair, in addition to infertility. Dr. Atoni Duleba, the study’s senior editor, told Beverage Daily that the study was the first clinical trial to link resveratrol to lower levels of testosterone in women with PCOS.



Starbucks 2016 Holiday Cup Design Leaked on Reddit

Despite attempts to keep it under wraps, Starbucks’ new holiday cup design was leaked on Reddit. According to Business Insider, Starbucks employees had been unloading boxes of the holiday cups that were plastered with big red stickers that said, “No peeking until November 10.” But, apparently, someone peeked. A Reddit user going by the name “DasUberSquid” posted a photo of what appears to be the new holiday cup. Last year’s cup sparked controversy as certain patrons believed that the minimalist design was “waging war on Christmas” by not being festive enough. This year’s new red cups seem appropriately holiday-like and unlikely to ruffle anyone’s feathers, as they are adorned with an artistic tree design and a bird under the logo.


Wikimedia/Butterfly Voyages

College Student Starts Food Pantry in Dorm

When Alabama A&M University student Justin Franks noticed that some of his classmates had been going to bed hungry because they couldn't afford food, he decided to do something about it, and now he’s running a food pantry out of his own dorm. According to ABC 10, Franks said the cafeteria at his school closed at 6 p.m., which was too early for most students to eat dinner. Students with spare cash could buy food from groceries or off-campus eateries, but those on tighter budgets were stuck without anything to eat. Wanting to help, Franks stocked up his dorm with instant noodles and juice. When he posted about it on Facebook, other people thought it was a great idea and wanted to help. It’s now so successful that he has moved the entire operation into an unused room in his dorm building.



Venison Steak Sandwiches Come to Arby’s

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Hunting season is about to start in many states, and Arby’s is celebrating by taking some of the work out of it by putting venison sandwiches right on its menu. According to USA Today, the new sandwich is made with thick-cut venison steak on a toasted roll, topped with crispy fried onions and a sweet berry sauce. The venison comes from free-range, farmed deer that eat only grass, so the meat will taste like venison from deer killed in the wild. The sandwiches will be served starting in November at select Arby’s locations.