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The Daily Dish: October 6, 2015

The Daily Dish 10.6.15

Today on The Daily Dish: medical chocolate, cauliflower is trending, and a doctor saving lives without medicine.

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Today’s first course?

You might feel better about eating chocolate after hearing this. Kuka Xoco, a Boston-based chocolate company, is creating a chocolate bar that is so healthy you might be able to take it as medicine. The idea is to use coca plant extract to de-bitter unsweetened cacao and eliminate the need for sugar, sweeteners, and much of the fat in chocolate. It is expected to go on sale next year.

What do you think the most popular fall vegetable is? According to pinning data from Pinterest, cauliflower is 40 percent more popular than kale and three times more popular than Brussels sprouts. Some of the most popular cauliflower recipes on Pinterest include cauliflower pizza, mashed “potatoes,” and “tater tots.”

It’s easy for many of us to pass by homeless people begging for food: many of us simply can’t spare the time or the money to help. In a city like Delhi, where the homeless population swells over two million, the destitute are harder to ignore. Well one man was recently caught on camera buying a meal for homeless children in a McDonald’s. Another customer who witnessed the heartwarming incident took a photo of four small, hungry companions with the man, who was later identified as Dr. PC Alexander, and shared it on Facebook. The post has since gone viral.

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