The Daily Dish: October 30, 2015

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The Daily Dish 10.30.15

Eat pizza and lose weight, snakes on a mother#@&king pla…er cranberry sauce, and you’re not yelping…

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Today’s first course?

This Guy Lost 24 Pounds In One Month By Eating 6 Slices of Pizza Every Day

What if we said you could lose weight by eating pizza every day? It may sound like an out-of-touch infomercial but Florida cyclist Matt McClellan actually invented a pizza diet: He ate six slices of pizza every day for one month and lost 24 pounds. The catch? McClellan exercises at least five hours a week by running, swimming, or cycling and he made sure to only eat whole-wheat crust and healthy toppings, and when it came to cheese: less was more. After eating a slice of pizza every two hours every day, he lost 24 pounds, lowered his cholesterol, and cut his body fat percentage in half.

Snake Allegedly Found in a Can of Cranberry Sauce

Officials from Ocean Spray are working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to investigate photos of a dark-colored snake in a can of cranberry sauce found in St. Catharines, Ontario. Ocean Spray said they’ve spoken with the customer since the incident was reported and offered her $10 in coupons.

A Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, Is Banning Yelp Reviewers

A Tucson, Arizona restaurant has a new policy — no Yelpers allowed. Inspired by a recent “You’re not Yelping” episode on Cartoon Network’s show South Park that skewered the online restaurant review site, Aric Mussman, the owner of two Vero Amore restaurants, posted “No Yelpers” signs at the entrances of both. Mussman is against Yelp because he believes it’s just a way for reviewers to feel important.


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