The Daily Dish: November 5, 2015

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The Daily Dish 11.5.15

Ronald McDonald hosts a wedding, calorie counts on menus are ineffective, and Uber’s cutest promotion ever. 

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Today’s first course?

This Couple Had Their ‘Fairytale McWedding’ at the Top of a McDonald’s Slide

When planning a wedding, one of the first tasks at hand is to decide where the ceremony’s going to take place. Well, one couple in western Massachusetts recently found themselves saying “I’m loving it," after McDonald’s treated two of its customers to their dream wedding – on top of the McDonald’s Giant Slide at an annual state fair. The couple won the opportunity through a Facebook contest and yes, Ronald McDonald himself was a wedding guest. The couple also enjoyed a specialty McDonald’s wedding cake made just for them! 

Study Shows That Menu Calorie Counts Don’t Actually Impact the Way We Eat

Speaking of fast food chains, researchers at NYU say those calorie counts listed on menu boards across the U.S. Are totally ineffective. In a study, they tracked purchases at fast food chains in New York, where calories are posted, and New Jersey where postings are not mandated. In their findings, they say on average, New Yorkers order between 804 and 839 calories per meal, which is practically the same as those who eat at the same restaurants in the Garden State where customers cannot see the calories listed. 

Uber Is Sending Real Grandmas Around Chicago to Cook Free Homemade Meals

And finally - leaders with Uber say they’ll send a fleet of three real live Italian grandmas to cook dinner for Chicago residents as part of a partnership with Johnsonville Sausage. The “Sausage Nonnas” will even be hitting the streets in three tiny and adorable homes on wheels — so your meal will be truly homemade — and personally deliver one of three classic Italian dishes: rigatoni, lasagna, and spaghetti and meatballs. Talk about the cutest promotion ever!


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