The Daily Dish: November 4, 2015

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The Daily Dish 11.4.15

Video of teens giving out cheeseburgers to the homeless, layer calls Chipotle into question, and the mystery of Mountain Dew's color

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Teenagers Bought 100 McDonald's Cheeseburgers to Feed the Homeless in Los Angeles

Two teens from Los Angeles are making headlines, after a YouTube video they uploaded goes viral. In the video, you may recognize one teen, Lance Stewart, who’s actually a Vine star known for pranking his family and posting their hilarious reactions online. Well, there’s no pranking involved in his latest video. Instead, Lance and his friend Adin Kolansky spend 151 dollars on 100 Cheeseburgers from McDonalds – and hand them out to homeless people on the street! The video, which has been viewed nearly 100 thousand times, is up right now at The Daily

Lawyer Accuses Chipotle of 'Not Paying Attention to Food Safety' After Widespread E. Coli Breakout

Speaking of fast food chains, food safety experts are calling Chipotle’s integrity into question after a massive E. Coli scare over the weekend, forces leaders with the company to close more than forty locations in Washington State and Oregon - even though people became ill at just eight restaurants. This is the third major food safety issue at the chain this year – which has sickened more than two dozen people. Bill Marler, a food safety lawyer in Oregon says quote, “Having three problems in a couple of months means that Chipotle is not paying attention to food safety as it should."

Even Mountain Dew Executives Don't Know What Color Their Soda Is

It’s one of the most popular carbonated beverages out there – but can you identify Mountain Dew’s actual color? If you’re not sure – don’t worry – because in a recent revealing interview – the company’s own executives admit they’re not sure what color to call the soda. They say, if forced to describe it, they’d possibly call it neon, but prefer people to refer to it as beyond color if possible. 


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