The Daily Dish: November 27, 2015

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McDonald's Staff Throws Lonely Regular Customer a 93rd Birthday Party

An elderly British man was pleasantly surprised on his 93rd birthday this year. The staff at his local McDonald's celebrated his birthday to help him feel a little less alone after the passing of his wife. The customer, Harry Scott, is a regular at the McDonald's and even has his own table. To celebrate, the staff put up banners and balloons. But the best present is that Mr. Scott can now receive his favorite Happy Meals for free.

Moderate Caffeine Consumption Is Safe During Pregnancy, Study Shows

And the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital has good news for expecting mothers: Moderate caffeine consumption is safe during pregnancy. The study found that one to two cups of coffee a day will not adversely affect a child's cognitive development. The study covers a national study with over 2,000 expectant mothers.

OJ, Oh No! Aggressive Predatory Insect Destroying Much of Florida's Orange Crop

Unfortunately, not everything is happy in the Sunshine State, with orange crops being decimated by an aggressive Asian insect. Your morning orange juice could be in danger as a destructive tree disease is spreading and orange crops are dying at an alarming rate. Farmers in Florida say that this bug has been more destructive than hurricanes.

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