The Daily Dish: November 10, 2015

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The Daily Dish 11.10.15

Starbucks makes enemies with seasonal cup, bakery's illegal job posting, and former McDonald's CEO finds himself a new job.

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Christian Evangelicals Claim Starbucks’ Plain Red Cup Design ‘Denies the Hope of Jesus’

There are few things that get you in the holiday spirit more than decorations at the mall, Christmas music on the radio and those famous red cups at Starbucks, Well, this year the coffee giant has some serious enemies. Some Christian evangelicals are angry since this year's cups are minimalist with a red ombré pattern, instead of featuring more “seasonal” patterns like snowflakes or Christmas lights like in years past. Many Christian customers have decided to boycott Starbucks because they believe that the new plain red cup design invokes a “war on Christianity.”

This New York City Bakery Will Only Hire a Male Chef

Speaking of rubbing people the wrong way. The owners of New York City bakery Mango Mango are getting a lot of heat after they posted a job listing for a male kitchen staffer and a "female only" cashier. The restaurant could face legal trouble, since laws forbids sex discrimination in any aspect of employment. We've contacted Mango Mango for comment and have yet to hear back,

Former McDonald’s CEO Joins Vegan Startup

The former CEO of McDonald's has found himself a new position - and it's much different than the one he held at the Golden Arches. Don Thompson has joined the Board of Advisers at Beyond Meat - a vegan burger startup. Beyond Meat is just one of several popular “fake meat” companies out there, specializing in getting plant proteins to taste like meat, appealing to both carnivores and staunch vegans.

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