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The Daily Dish: May 24, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish - May 24, 2016
Today's first course?
The Kellogg Company is being sued for its Whole Grain Cheez-It crackers, which not only contain more refined grains than whole grains, but essentially have the same nutritional value as original Cheez-Its. The complaint, filed last week in federal court by customers who purchased the product in New York and California, allege that the labeling of this product as “Whole Grain” is “false and misleading, because the primary ingredient in Cheez-It Whole Grain crackers is enriched white flour. The company is being accused of breaking laws against unjust enrichment, consumer protection, false advertising, and more.
Weight Watchers has a lifelong devotee in Oprah Winfrey — one of the program’s most notable members and, incidentally, a significant stakeholder. Last fall, Winfrey invested $43.2 million in the point-based weight loss program and then managed to earn back $72 million in single day. During a recent call with Weight Watchers members, Winfrey credited the program with giving her a permanent solution to her lifelong struggle with her weight. Winfrey, whose public support for Weight Watchers involves the media maven gushing about her love of bread, also praised the program for being easy to integrate into her life. 
The latest craze in 3D printing is here: printable gummy candy. You know you’ve always wanted to chew on fruity candies of your own design and now you can, thanks to the world’s first food-safe candy 3D printer, brought to you by Dylan’s Candy Bar. Katje's Magic Candy Factory — as it’s called — can create custom candy designs in under five minutes. With 100 different designs on hand, as well as the ability to write or draw on your candy design, these sweets sound straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory. You can even print greetings on your own edible gummy card. The 3D-printed gummies will launch at Dylan’s candy stores across the nation, culminating with an official nationwide launch on June 9 and 10. 
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