The Daily Dish: May 12, 2016

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The Daily Dish 5.12.16

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Today's first course?

Amazon Fresh and Tyson Foods are teaming up to launch Tyson Taste Makers, “a line of chef-inspired meal kits” this fall. Jumping onto the meal kit bandwagon demonstrates the e-commerce company’s “growing ambition in the grocery and food business.” On these “premium proteins,” which supposedly set this kit apart from the competition, Tyson Foods CEO Donald Smith says, “We’ll teach them about the cuts of meat and where they come from. We’ll help pre-cut, trim, dry age, smoke, marinate, and do the prep so all they have to do is cook it. And then we’ll inspire them to explore and cook with ingredients that they may have never used before.”
Starbucks is serving a new Key Lime Frappuccino in select Asian countries. The ice-blended beverage features “a sweet and tangy key lime sauce,” which is blended with matcha powder, milk, ice, and graham crackers, and topped with whipped cream and a graham cracker crumble. The S’Mores Frappuccino has also made its way overseas, where it is called the Roasted Marshmallow S'mores Frappuccino. These two Frappuccinos are available in Singapore, China, and Indonesia.
A new report from Clear Labs — the same food analysts who found that at least 10 percent of vegetarian hot dogs contain meat — suggests some troubling things about the making of veggie burgers. In a sample of 89 veggie burgers collected from a range of brands, Clear Labs identified several problems with “substitution, hygienic issues, and pathogenic contamination.” Testing also found two samples that contained beef DNA, one containing rat DNA, and one containing human DNA. One purported “black bean burger” was found to contain no black beans at all, according to the study, while four of the veggie burgers tested did contain pathogenic DNA that could lead to food poisoning.
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