The Daily Dish: Land O'Lakes Invites Foodies To Delete #FoodPorn To Help Fight Hunger

Land O'Lakes Invites Foodies to Delete #FoodPorn to Help Fight Hunger

Deleting that drool-worthy mac and cheese on your Instagram account can help to feed those in need thanks to Land O'Lakes' "Delete to Feed" campaign. For each food photo deleted from Instagram, the company will donate 11 meals to those in need, Adweek reported. To participate, simply connect your Instagram to the Delete to Feed website so that it can keep track of the number of photos deleted. "Hopefully, this helps raise awareness of the food insecurity problem within the United States," said Andy Azula, SVP and executive creative director at The Martin Agency, which is helping out with the campaign. The campaign will run through mid-October, or until Land O'Lakes reaches its target of 2.75 million meals donated — equaling about $250,000 worth of food.

Why No One Is Drinking Pumpkin Beer Anymore

The pumpkin beer lineup you see at stores this fall will probably be sparser than usual as a result of pumpkin beer sales dropping to an all-time low in 2015, Beverage Daily reported. Pumpkin beer can trace its origins back to 1985, when Buffalo Bill's Brewery in Hayward, California, created the first commercially released pumpkin ale in the United States, said Jim McCune, executive director of the craft beverage division at ECG Group, a Long Island-based ad agency. Since then, "pumpkin beer went from a brewing experiment to a seasonal beer phenomenon," McCune said. Pumpkin beer sales rose steadily beginning in 2005, spiked in 2013, dipped in 2014, and reached an all-time low in 2015. McCune said the cause of this decline was due to "the combination of fewer people drinking pumpkin beer combined with breweries increasing their pumpkin beer production."

Wine-Toting Tourists Climb Rome's Spanish Steps as Soon as They Open

The city of Rome recently completed a massive year-long restoration project of its prized eighteenth-century landmark, the Lista di Spagna, or Spanish Steps. The steps are notoriously difficult to keep in good condition as they receive so much foot traffic. Less than 24 hours after the steps were reopened to visitors, at least seven people were arrested and hit with enormous fines for drinking on them. Historically, tourists and other visitors misbehaving on the steps have created a problem for the city. People are not supposed to eat or drink on the steps, and they're also supposed to refrain from "loud or unruly" behavior. The tourists caught drinking on the steps were fined about 130 euros ($145) apiece.

California Restaurant Releases a Lobster Corn Dog Taco, and It Looks Incredible

Pour Vida Latin Flavor, a restaurant in Anaheim, California, has added a new taco to its menu — the Lobster Corn Dog Taco — and it's already proving to be a big seller. This food mashup, which sold out for three days straight when it first launched last weekend,  features a corn-dog-battered taco shell filled with sautéed lobster tail and topped with lobster-infused queso, Foodbeast said. The new menu item was created by restaurant chef Jimmy Martinez. Other hand-crafted tacos on the menu include those filled with pineapple skirt steak, spicy ahi tuna, and heirloom tomato and burrata.

Paqui to Release One-Chip Packs of Its Carolina Reaper Madness

Paqui, maker of gourmet tortilla chips, has taken the hottest pepper in the world — the Carolina Reaper — and created a tortilla chip so spicy that it will only be sold in one-chip packages. Beginning in October, the company will sell its Carolina Reaper Madness chips for a limited time, with each individual package costing $4.99. The company encourages fans to participate in its #OneChipChallenge by eating the chips and sharing their reactions on social media. "Paqui is aiming to reach those audiences who like to push their limits," brand manager Jeff Day told Adweek.