The Daily Dish: June 21, 2016

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Cat cafés are a fun and generally harmless way for people to play with cats without the responsibility of owning one, but this week the Tokyo government permanently shut down its first cat café over animal welfare violations. Neko no Te, or cat’s paw, a cat café in Tokyo had previously been temporarily closed after inspectors found the place was not appropriately clean. Customers had complained of the cats’ living conditions, and about the café’s smell. Investigators found 62 cats living in the small establishment. On top of all that, 44 of the cats reportedly had colds, and the café was suspected of not providing proper veterinary care for the animals.

New Krispy Kreme stores that have opened up in U.K. malls have taken to the brand’s iconic green-and-white-polka-dotted doughnut boxes for inspiration. The storefronts are made to look like giant doughnut boxes, with its freshly made doughnuts lit up and on display, front and center. Though there aren’t any giant doughnuts to match, and the design doesn’t allow for the theater of watching the doughnuts being fried and glazed on a conveyer belt, we can imagine that seeing a giant doughnut box would be appealing to people walking by.

A discrimination complaint has been filed against Parlor Pizza Bar in Chicago’s West Loop following an incident where a man was denied entry to the pizzeria, allegedly for wearing clothes that were “too street.” Antar Jackson said that he had been wearing tailored wool pants and a baseball cap when he entered the pizzeria with his wife at 7:30 p.m. He had to leave because of an alleged dress code. Jackson — who is black — said that he believes the incident was racially charged. Parlor Pizza responded with a statement defending its “evening dress code,” which begins at 5 p.m., and said, “athletic wear is prohibited under our policy and unfortunately, the gentleman in question was wearing sweatpants.”

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