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The Daily Dish: June 14, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish - June 14, 2016

Brian Sheehan dishes on what's hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink for Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

Today's first course?

A McDonald’s customer in Chesterfield County, Virginia, found a $20 bill in his cheeseburger. The money was sandwiched between two pieces of meat, and the customer discovered the extra ingredient in his sandwich after biting into it. The man did not immediately let employees at the store know as he wanted to keep the money, but later said he would return it if someone claimed it to be theirs. The managers were surprised to learn about the discovery and referred the incident to McDonalds’ corporate office.

This week a group of 60 Hungarian tourists were hiking on the Rax Mountain in Lower Austria when the tour stopped for lunch. The guide at that point was apparently already quite drunk, and he just wandered off, leaving the 60 Hungarians with no idea how to get back down from the mountain. Fortunately, one of the tourists had a functional cell phone and was able to call for help when the weather started to get bad. Mountain Rescue Services managed to find the lost tourists and transport them to safety. When they reached the bottom of the mountain, they even ran into the tour guide, who had apparently just decided to finish the hike without his 60 Hungarian hangers-on.


Boston Market introduces Oven Crisp Chicken to its menu, adding a crispy, crunchy chicken to its menu without using a deep fryer. It is described as “boneless, all white chicken breast, seasoned and hand breaded with panko crumbs and baked for a crisp, golden crust.” Oven Crisp Chicken is available as a meal with two sides and cornbread, a salad bowl, a sandwich, or a wrap. The meal costs $7.99, and Oven Crisp Chicken is available nationwide. The company’s CEO tells us Michel tells The Daily Meal that the new menu item was in development for two years, and that the company is testing out new rotisserie items for the future.

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