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The Daily Dish: January 5, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish 01.05.16

Today’s first course?

Starbucks Introduces the Latte Macchiato

Calling all Starbucks lovers: Starbucks’ latest addition to its core beverage line is here. In a release, leaders with the coffee giant say:

“The new Latte Macchiato features steamed whole milk that is perfectly aerated and free-poured creating dense foam reminiscent of meringue (MER-ang). The beverage is then marked by slowly-poured full espresso shots, creating a signature espresso dot.” The Latte Macchiato will be available in Starbucks stores in the U.S., Canada, and select locations in Latin America.

Visa, Dell Invest $3 Million in Helping Girl Scouts Bring Their Beloved Cookies Online

A year after the Girl Scouts finally brought sales of their ever-popular cookies online, the long-running organization for girls’ empowerment is ready to embrace the digital world. After years of resisting the option of selling Girl Scout Cookies online over fears about the girls’ safety, the group is “doubling down on technology.” This year, Visa and Dell have committed to investing an estimated $3 million to update the Girl Scouts’ digital cookie program, the platform that allows members to connect with customers online. Each Girl Scout troop keeps up to 20 percent of cookie sales to spend on its own special projects or trips. Dell, which invested $2.5 million, plans to supply laptops and tablets to nearly 4,000 girls from underprivileged backgrounds.

Washington Bans Foam Food Containers

If you live in or plan to visit Washington or a part of Maryland, you may realize an absence of foam food packaging. That’s as of January 1, D.C. and Montgomery County in Maryland joined a growing list of cities and regions that have banned disposable foam coffee cups and food containers. The law was passed by the D.C. Council and then-mayor Vincent C. Gray in 2014 as part of a set of environmental initiatives. The foam ban in particular, according to Gray, would improve the health of the Anacostia River and help to achieve the city’s goal of making the river suitable for swimming and fishing. The law requires businesses that serve food to stop using Styrofoam containers, replacing foam packaging with biodegradable or recyclable paper and plastic packaging. Establishments found not in compliance will be issued a warning and given 30 days to follow the new law. Failure to do so will result in a fine of $100.

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