The Daily Dish: January 27, 2016

Today's first course?
Findings from a Spanish study challenge a common preconception that fried automatically means unhealthy. The study by Food Chemistry finds that vegetables that are deep-fried in extra virgin olive oil contain more healthy phenols and antioxidants than raw or boiled vegetables. So here's how it all works: When vegetables are deep-fried, the phenols already present in extra virgin olive oil are transferred from the oil, thus boosting the vegetables with healthy compounds not naturally present in the vegetables themselves. To find out what researchers believe diseases these phenols and antioxidants could prevent, head on over to the News in Brief section. 
Thailand — the country at the center of the poorly regulated, slave labor-dependent seafood industry that provides cheap seafood and cat food for global markets, including several major American retailers — has closed 12 illegal seafood processing factories in a bid to clean up its fishing practices. The Thai government is also facing pressure from the European Union to put an end to illegal and unregulated fishing, or else face a costly seafood import ban. As you may recall, in 2015, a yearlong investigation from the Associated Press found that hundreds of Burmese fishermen were being held captive on a small island village, where they were forced to spend up to 22 hours a day catching seafood to be exported from Thailand, for little or no pay. At one point, investigators found eight men locked in a "company cage." 
'Shot glass' has taken on a new, more literal meaning thanks to a father-son duo in rural Wisconsin. Their company, which is called BenShot, specializes in 'bulletproof' shot glasses and tumblers, both of which are embedded with an actual bullet. Each glass is unique, made to order, and handcrafted in their glass workshop in Wisconsin, which is on the grounds of a repurposed furniture factory owned by Thomas Edison. The 'Bulletproof' Shot Glass is being sold for $15, while the 'Bulletproof' Tumbler costs $23.
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