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The Daily Dish: January 21, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish 1.21.16

Today’s first course?

Wendy’s Is Testing Out a Black Bean Vegetarian Burger

Listen up, vegetarians. One popular food chain wants to appeal to you. As you may recall, we told you back in May that Wendy’s was testing out black bean veggie burgers at some of its locations. Well, now they’re expanding its test market. Columbia, South Carolina; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Columbus, Ohio, are the latest test markets to get a hold this burger. The burger will truly appeal to non-carnivores because it is prepared in a separate oven that does not touch chicken or beef. 

Cronut King Dominique Ansel Is Opening a Bakery in London

You’ve probably heard of Dominique Ansel. He's the French pastry chef who singlehandedly created New York City’s Cronut obsession. Well, he's taking his legendary dessert hybrid to the U.K. The chef plans to open his third bakery, this one in London, later this year. He revealed that plans for Dominique Ansel London had been in the works for at least the last six months, and that the bakery is currently hiring. Be sure to check out some new pictures, including the official announcement, all posted on Ansel's Instagram and available to you to view at The Daily Meal. Just head on over to the story in our News in Brief section.

North Korean Scientists Claim to Have Created a Hangover-Free Liquor

Say it isn’t so. Could North Korea hold the key to forever curing the hangover? Just weeks after the country welcomed the new year by announcing to the world that it had successfully tested a “miniaturized hydrogen” bomb, leaders in the nation have announced yet another revolutionary invention — hangover-free liquor. North Korean scientists have successfully created a hangover-free ginseng-based liquor that’s between 30 and 40 percent alcohol by volume. The magical booze is called Koryo Liquor, and relies on the medicinal properties associated with ginseng root for its promise of being hangover-less. Medically speaking, it’s a bit of a step down from Kim Jong Un’s last medical breakthrough. You may remember he announced back in 2015 that his country had discovered breakthrough cures for AIDS, Ebola, and SARS. 

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