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The Daily Dish: January 18, 2016

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Today’s first course?

Warner Bros. London Studio Tour Is Hosting a ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Valentine’s Day Dinner

Warner Bros. London Studio Tour is hosting a ‘Valentine’s Dinner in the Great Hall,’ and it is anything but cliché. The event is sadly already sold out after just one day of sales, but we can live vicariously by reading about what’s in store for those lucky guests and pining for Warner Bros’ next themed dinner. Upon arrival, guests will be treated to welcome drinks and canapés, including a special ‘Love Potion’ cocktail.Guests also leave with a wand of their choice, among other amenities to the night. The Valentine’s Dinner in the Great Hall comes with a hefty price tag at around $715.32. However, this didn’t seem to deter fans away from the ‘magical’ evening.

Japan Gets Limited-Edition Heart-Shaped ‘Pocky of Happiness’

If you can’t afford that magical Valentine’s day celebration, there is a limited edition Japanese candy sure to sweeten your night. Pocky is a super popular snack in Japan, where the candy-covered sticks are available in an enormous variety of flavors. Now, for a special treat, the makers of Pocky have figured out how to shape the sticks like hearts and covered them in blueberry chocolate to create “The Blueberry Pocky of Happiness.” “The Blueberry Pocky of Happiness,” is a reference to the Bluebird of Happiness that is supposed to bring good fortune and happiness to anybody who sees it. The Pocky might not confer magical happiness, but it does sound pretty tasty and cute.

Here’s How to Make a Pizza Cronut Because You Know You Want One

Remember the cronut, that deliciously flaky king of pastries that launched a thousand people waiting in line for hours? Although the obsession with Dominique Ansel’s croissant-doughnut hybrid has died down a fair bit, you may want to pay attention again. The good folks over at Dude Foods have created a pizza cronut: a stack of croissant-doughnuts layered with melted cheese and topped with cheese and pepperoni. To learn how to make this yourself, watch the hypnotizing video in the News in Brief section on The Daily Meal.

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