The Daily Dish: January 11, 2016

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Campbell's Announces That It Will Be Labeling All GMO Ingredients

Campbell's Soup Co. has announced that the company will now disclose all GMO ingredients on its product labels, becoming the first major food company in the United States to commit to labeling genetically modified ingredients. Campbell's has even come out in favor of legislation that would create a single mandatory labeling system for food products derived from GMOs. Right now, GMO labels are not required by the USDA, but despite what the law stipulates, Campbell's wants you to know what's in your food.

Could the Chipotle Scandal Ruin Locally Sourced Produce for Everyone?

And could the Chipotle scandal ruin locally sourced produce for everyone? After Chipotle's health scare controversy, people might shy away from "food with integrity." After hundreds of people were sickened from eating at Chipotle across America this fall, it's likely that its "Food with integrity" slogan is being called into question, but not just for Chipotle itself. According to CNBC, the locavore movement that had just started to become popular with restaurant chains might experience a setback because it's easier to guarantee that customers won't get sick when food is sourced from one or two large factory farms instead.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Can Actually Be Good for You, New Dietary Guidelines Suggest

But there's good news for those of you who enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, or if you frequent craft breweries. The new 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans just came out and admits that light to moderate alcohol consumption can be part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The guidelines specifically state that alcohol, if consumed in moderation, "can help individuals achieve healthy eating patterns." Emphasis on moderate drinking: This is not an excuse to binge every Friday and Saturday night.

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