The Daily Dish: Guy Fieri Is Bringing Flavortown to Disney World

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Guy Fieri Is Bringing Flavortown to Disney World

The struggling Planet Hollywood chain is about to get some life breathed into it thanks to Guy Fieri. The chain’s unit in Walt Disney World just reopened as the newly christened Planet Hollywood Observatory in Orlando’s Disney Springs, and the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives TV host has been tapped to revamp its sandwich menu. Fieri’s special sandwiches and burgers include Pimento Grilled Cheese, Championship Pulled Pork, and Fieri’s favorite “Mayor of Flavortown” burger, topped with pastrami on a pretzel bun. “Guy fits in with the profile of our guests,” Robert Earl, Planet Hollywood founder and CEO, told Nation’s Restaurant News.

Dessert in a Can? Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Beer Is Here

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Milk Stout is the new brew brainchild of Braxton Brewing Co. in Covington, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati, and Graeter's Ice Cream. The beer was inspired by the Cincinnati-based ice cream company’s popular flavor featuring black raspberries from Oregon’s Willamette Valley and gourmet bittersweet chocolate chips. The beer is brewed with Graeter’s exclusive black raspberry purée. “Over the past six months, our teams have taken this project from imagination to one of the best tasting stouts we’ve ever created,” said Jake Rouse, co-founder and CEO of Braxton Brewing, in a statement. The limited-edition brew will be introduced Feb. 3, at a Tapping Party at Braxton Brewing Co; it will be available at Kroger stores thereafter.

EXCLUSIVE: Thinking About Becoming a Vegan? PETA Will Match You With a Mentor

The Daily Meal has the exclusive on a brand-new mentorship program created by PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — which aims to help aspiring vegans make the transition easier. PETA describes the program an opportunity to give and get guidance on “shopping, cooking, dining, and anything else” related to living a vegan lifestyle. “Going vegan is simpler than ever before, and the focus of our mentor program is to continue making the transition even easier," said Keith Burgeson, PETA's Vegan Mentor Program coordinator.

France Bans Free Soda Refills in Effort to Curb Obesity Rate

In recent years, there has been an international trend of governments, local and otherwise, actively fighting rising obesity rates. This week, France banned free sugary drink refills. The law takes place immediately and applies to restaurants, fast-food chains, schools, and camps. The obesity rate in France is 15.3 percent, which is lower than the average European Union rate of 15.9 percent and significantly less alarming than America’s 36.5 percent, according to The New York Times. Even so, France is one of the first European countries to pass strict laws like this one. The soda refill ban follows France’s sugary drink tax that passed five years ago.


The Burger-Burrito Is the Latest Hybrid Everyone’s Talking About


The latest food mashup that has everyone talking is the Burgrito, a burger-burrito that just came to Brooklyn, courtesy of Burgrito’s, a restaurant that got its start in Bethpage, Long Island. The Burgrito is made with two beef patties, American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, and French fries, all wrapped up in a tortilla and dressed in chipotle sauce. You can get the Burgrito at the restaurant’s new location in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood for $9.99. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, no worries: There’s also a Veg-rito on the menu that’s made with a veggie burger.