The Daily Dish: EMTs Called When Middle School Students Eat World's Hottest Peppers

EMTs Called When Middle School Students Eat World's Hottest Peppers

EMTs were called to an Indiana middle school when some kids decided to taste the world's hottest chile peppers and wound up with burning eyes and faces. A student at the school reportedly brought in some Carolina Reaper peppers, said to be the hottest in the world, and passed them out to the other kids at lunch. More than two dozen students complained of being burned from eating or touching the peppers. Students were given milk to coat their stomachs and ease the burn. Carolina Reapers measure a minimum of 1.57 million Scoville units, a measure of hotness; jalapeños, in comparison, measure about 10,000.

California Wine Pioneer Margrit Mondavi Dies at 91

Philanthropist, artist, and pioneer of modern California wine culture Margrit Mondavi died this week at the age of 91. Margrit Mondavi was the widow of Napa Valley winemaker Robert Mondavi and the Vice President of Cultural Affairs at the Robert Mondavi Winery. In order to bring together her interests in food, fine art, and wine, she started developing cultural and culinary arts programs that are now the hallmarks of the Napa Valley wine scene.

Police Called Because Customer Was Served Wrong Tea Bag

A "senior TripAdvisor contributor" called the police because he was served the wrong flavor of tea by mistake. The man was accidentally served a bag of lemon ginger tea instead of the lemongrass and ginger tea he'd ordered at a London cafe called Birdie Num Nums. He began to write a bad TripAdvisor review right in front of the owner even though she had apologized for the mix-up and offered him a refund and a free slice of cake as a peace offering. The man called the police when he was told to leave the café, but the police replied that this was a civil matter and they couldn't intervene.

Police Arrest Man for Driving With Sugar

Police in Sweden were confused this week when they arrested a man for possession of drugs and it turned out he was just carrying sugar. The man reportedly first confessed to carrying amphetamines in his car, but shortly changed his story and said it was just dextrose. The man was arrested and charged after initial tests indicated the powder was amphetamines. He was later released after a more accurate and extensive round of tests revealed that the white powder was in fact just sugar.

Starbucks Adds Chile Mocha to Fall Menu

This fall season, Starbucks' iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte is being joined by some new hotness called the Chile Mocha. It is made with espresso and steamed milk infused with cocoa and cinnamon powder, and cayenne and ancho chiles. The whole thing is topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with ancho and cayenne chile powder, cinnamon, paprika, sugar, and sea salt. The Chile Mocha is available as a hot drink and a Frappuccino. If it's ordered without the coffee, it becomes a spicy hot chocolate.