The Daily Dish: December 9, 2015

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200 People Sickened After Massive Norovirus Outbreak at Catered Event in Seattle

At least 200 people were sickened and two hospitalized after a major catered event that took place in Seattle this past week resulted in the spread of a norovirus bacterium. About 600 people had attended the event on December 1 in the cafeteria at Russel Investments Center. The event was catered by Bon Appétit Management Co. In a statement, leaders with the catering company say the cause of the virus remains unclear.

These Are the Booziest Cities in America: Did Your Hometown Make the List?

In a recent study, leaders with Match dot com compiled data amongst its users to find the cities in America that drink the most and you might be quite surprised considering none of the 10 biggest cities in America made the list! Now, the data also revealed the drink preferences of singles on the site. New Yorkers are more likely to order a pinot grigio while Los Angelenos are more likely to order a Corona. For the list of the top five drinking cities in America, click on the story on The Daily Meal.

Self-Proclaimed 'Former White House Chef' Says Bush Smoked Pot and Clinton Regularly Seduced Women

Here's a kicker for your Wednesday. A man who supposedly worked as a former White House chef has a lot to say in his new memoir, titled Sir White House Chef. Ronnie Seaton, who says he lied on his resume about his culinary degree, claims George W. Bush smoked marijuana and drank whiskey regularly and also says Bill Clinton regularly seduced his young female staffers. But get this: The White House has absolutely no record of Seaton ever working at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! 


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