The Daily Dish: December 8, 2015

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Monsanto Targeted in Citizen's Tribunal for 'Crimes Against Nature and Humanity'

Monsanto, the agricultural technology company known for being a leader in the GMO industry as well as its controversial reputation within the scientific and nutritional communities, is going on trial for "crimes against nature and humanity." Don't be alarmed though — the trial is actually only a citizens' tribunal organized by an environmental non-profit and even if Monsanto is found "guilty," there will be no legal ramifications. The trial, prosecuted by the Monsanto Tribunal nonprofit, will be taking place in late 2016 in the Netherlands, and largely serves as a symbolic act. The group is targeting Monsanto's usage of the herbicide Roundup, which was recently classified as containing a known carcinogen by the California government, and GMO seeds.

McDonald's Introduces Loaded Fries

If you want more options when ordering at McDonald's, you may soon be in luck. Leaders with the fast food giant say they'll soon offer loaded fries on their menu. Customers will soon be able to choose between Guacamole & Salsa and Bacon & Cheese Sauce Fries, available in single and share packs. We're also told the loaded fries can also be added to meals. However, the new addition will only be available for those who live in Australia, for now at least. The country is usually a testing ground for new products, so if this takes off, expect to see loaded fries in a McDonald's near you sometime in the future.

The Replacement for Noma, 'the World's Best Restaurant,' Has Officially Been Announced

Rene Redzepi is ending the Noma chapter of his culinary career and beginning a new one. As we reported earlier this fall, Noma, which is located in Copenhagen and has been consistently been named the best restaurant in the world, is permanently closing at the end of 2016. However, Redzepi isn't quite finished yet. He's stated he's opening a new eatery called 108 in late spring of 2017 in Copenhagen. Throughout January, the Noma team will travel to Australia for a pop-up and during that time, the new 108 team will take over the old Noma space to transform it to give diners a little preview of what's to come.


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