The Daily Dish: December 25, 2015

Today's first course?
Cadbury is experimenting with flavors inspired by popular food trends. Could a vegetable-filled chocolate be coming to a Cadbury chocolate box in the future? In an effort to meet consumers' ever changing tastes and preferences, scientists are experimenting with flavors to appeal to more health-conscious consumers. Flavors like Kale Crème, Beetroot Jelly, and Wasabi Crunch are in the making! We'll have to wait and see how customers respond to the change in their chocolate.
And Chipotle is back in the news! After its massive foodborne illness scandal that left nearly 200 people sick, Chipotle is changing its menu to assure food safety. The restaurant, from now on, will tweak its cooking methods. One of the changes to its preparations is that the onions will be blanched and marinated in lemon and lime juice to kill off germs instead of served raw. Can't be too careful, especially in Chipotle's case. 
A Festivus for the rest of us! With the holiday season coming to a close, Ben & Jerry's brought back a limited edition flavor from their graveyard: Festivus, inspired by the fictional Seinfeld holiday. If you find tinsel distracting and take pleasure in airing your grievances with the family, then the Festivus ice cream flavor is for you. After the original launch of the ice cream it was discontinued in 2001. The signature flavor is made with brown sugar cinnamon ice cream, gingerbread cookie chunks, and a ginger caramel swirl. Ben & Jerry's hasn't disclosed whether or not this is a limited edition comeback, but we can guess it won't be available very long.
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