The Daily Dish: December 21, 2015

Today's first course?

Rainforest Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, and Hundreds of Other Restaurants Affected by National Credit Card Breach

If you've eaten at a restaurant in the past seven months, you'll want to pay close attention to our first story. Leaders with Landry's hospitality group, which owns more than 500 restaurants and chains across the U.S., says their businesses have been exposed to a massive breach of credit card data. They believe the breach began in May and say anyone who may have dined at their restaurants should review their credit card statements and report any suspicious charges to their bank. The group owns some of the most recognizable names in chains including The Rainforest Café, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Morton and Brenner's Steakhouses, and McCormick & Schmicks, among several others.

Customers Accidentally Leave $32,000 in Cash at Applebee's

A server at an Applebee's in California was quite surprised when they saw $32,000 left in the booth after their customers left the restaurant last week. Bertha and Ericka Gonzalez accidentally left their life savings at the restaurant. The women were supposed to deposit the money, which was supposed to be used for a family trip to Mexico, in a safety deposit box next to the restaurant, but the bank was out of boxes. Once they realized the money was gone, they went to the local police department, but we're extremely doubtful they'd ever see it again. Luckily for the family, Applebee's contacted local authorities and got in touch with a police detective, who was able to reunite the family with their savings. The family has said that they would like to be able to give their server some of the money as a reward

MoJoe Provides Quality Fresh-Brewed Coffee On the Go

Our last story may be the best thing I've heard all week. For those tired of waiting on line or getting up extra early to make a pot of fresh brewed coffee, the founders of MoJo have created an innovative solution: a travel mug that is also a coffeemaker. MoJoe makes fresh brewed coffee at the push of a button, wherever and whenever, without the bulkiness of a coffee machine. It can be powered using a wall or car socket or a rechargeable battery, and can brew whether you are walking, driving, or riding a bike with MoJoe in hand. MoJoe fits into cup holders, gives different brewing options, and uses water at any temperature, from any source. 

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