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Today’s first course?

Mario Batali May Have Just Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President

It appears that a major celebrity chef supports Hillary Clinton in her run for president. In a recent Twitter post, Food Network star and culinary icon Mario Batali seemingly picked Clinton as his ideal candidate. First, Batali retweeted a photo that jokingly declared Hillary Clinton to be the clear winner of the GOP debate this week. Then in response to a fan who tweeted in response, “Really? Hillary is ready to be president? What has she ever done to qualify?” he said, “Well, she was Secretary of State, knows the players and the field, and is a woman. It’s time for a change!!”

Secretary of State John Kerry Runs On Dunkin’

Speaking of politics, it seems that current Secretary of State John Kerry sure loves his Dunkin' Donuts. While in Moscow, Kerry stopped at the popular doughnut chain and took a picture. This isn’t the first time Kerry has been spotted frequenting the chain. In January, Kerry was spotted visiting a Dunkin’ Donuts in Islamabad. Kerry posted a photo on Twitter and wrote, “A little slice of home here in Islamabad: Dunkin’ Donuts to start the day.” Kerry was also seen visiting the newly opened Dunkin’ Donuts kiosk inside the State Department cafeteria. I guess it’s safe to say Secretary Kerry runs on dunkin’. 

Landlord Jacks Up Restaurant’s Rent After Michelin Recognition, Forcing Them to Move

It’s not often you hear of a positive recognition from Michelin ending up being a restaurant owners worst nightmare, but it's happened to Kai Kai Dessert shop in Hong Kong. The popular sweet shot has been around for more than 40 years and while owner Ming Pao was thrilled to learn his spot made the 2016 Hong Kong Michelin Guide’s new street food section – and apparently so was his landlord! Pao says that their landlord more than doubled their rent from HK $100,000 to $HK 220,000. The new price was not one that the small, family-owned business, known for selling traditional Chinese desserts, could afford, so they were forced to pick up shop and move to a nearby space that costs $90,000 a month. They plan to reopen next March.


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