The Daily Dish: Customer Surprises Popeyes Employee by Paying for Her Nursing School Education

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Random Customer Pays for Popeyes Employee’s Education

One Popeyes employee in Kansas City received the surprise of her life when a customer raised $14,000 for her to attend nursing school and pursue her dreams. Donald Carter, a retired Kansas City cop, explains that he ordered some fried chicken at the drive-thru from employee Shajuana Mays and noted the “spark” of determination from the “polite and respectful” young woman. Carter set up a GoFundMe page and over the course of a little over a week raised $14,300. “You kind people who are reading this helped it, made it happen,” Carter said on the GoFundMe page. “You are changing the world — your world.”

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Restaurant That Banned Kids Under Age Five Experiences Boom in Reservations


You probably won’t find a kids’ menu at Caruso’s in Mooresville, North Carolina, but you will find long lines and rapidly filling reservations. The Italian restaurant made waves last week when it announced that the restaurant would be banning children under the age of five. The entire debacle started with an incident that proved to be the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” when a little girl was using her iPad with the sound on high. Despite repeated requests from staff to turn the device down or off, the parents refused, and the family was asked to leave the restaurant. The announcement sparked a debate about whether the ban was reasonable or ridiculous. But the restaurant’s owners and managers now contend that their moment in the spotlight has caused a surge in reservations despite the hundreds of angry Yelp and Facebook reviews from irate parents.


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A Food Truck for Dogs Is Making Its Way Through California

Pets in California now have the chance to experience the convenience of street food through a food truck that caters to dogs. The Good Stuff Pet Truck will offer healthy treats, gourmet dog food, and free dog training with a canine expert. The food truck concept launched last year and traveled from New York to California, according to the company website. This month, the food truck will tour various locations in Northern California through April 12. “When dogs are fit and trained using positive reinforcement, they’re happier dogs,” Steve Dale, animal behavior consultant working with Good Stuff Pet Truck’s tour, told The Sacramento Bee.

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How Legal Marijuana Is Affecting Denver’s Restaurant Industry

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2012, attracting tourism from all over the country. Although warnings about the industry’s potential effect on the alcohol business have been widespread, Bloomberg recently reported that it may also be impacting Denver’s restaurants. “Our work force is being drained by the pot industry,” Bryan Dayton, co-owner of the restaurants Oak at Fourteenth, Acorn, and Brider, told Bloomberg. “There’s a very small work pool as it is. Enter the weed business, which pays $22 an hour with full benefits. It’s a pretty obvious choice.”

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This Is What a $2,500 Bottle of Japanese Whisky Tastes Like

This week, the world’s largest collection of rare Karuizawa Japanese whisky will go up for auction at the Whisky Auctioneer website and is predicted to top $2,500 per bottle, with some rarer pieces of the private 290-bottle collection expected to go for as much $25,000. Karuizawa’s single malt whiskies are legendary in the spirits world. The original distillery in Miyota, Japan, closed in 2011, and its remaining stock was bought by the U.K.-based company Number One Drinks. The business’ folding only increased the value of the much-sought-after bottles. The online auction will open on April 5 and will close on April 17.


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