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This Brewery Is Making Beer From Sewer Water

Stone Brewing in California is making beer from recycled sewer water. But don’t worry — it’s treated before it ends up in your pint glass. The pale ale is appropriately called Full Circle, and is made with sewage water from the Pure Water San Diego demonstration plant as part of the city’s environmentally friendly plan to make one-third of its wastewater drinkable by 2035. And according to the local ABC News affiliate, Stone Brewery’s senior manager of brewing and innovation, Steve Gonzalez, is thrilled with the product. "Among the pale ales that I've made, it's probably in the top three,” he explained, adding that the beer has “some caramel notes, some tropical fruit notes” and is “a very clean-tasting beer."

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McDonald’s Is Slowly Replacing All of Its Frozen Burgers With Fresh Beef

After announcing a new test of fresh ground beef in November, the Golden Arches is expanding the test to include 328 restaurant locations in Texas. McDonald’s has historically always used frozen beef patties to make its burgers, but if all goes well, McDonald’s locations across the country could soon be serving fresh beef — as does the chain’s burger competitor, Wendy’s. This announcement comes on the heels of a tactical decision by McDonald’s to focus less on introducing healthier menu items (McDonald’s smoothie bowls anyone?) and more on improving the classic menu items they’ve had for years.

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So Wrong It’s Nom

Goodbye Boring Chocolate Eggs… Hello Easter Cheese Egg!

If endless parades of chocolate eggs are not your thing — behold! The magical Cheester Egg is here. Invented by U.K. blogger and devoted cheese enthusiast Annem Hobson, 27, who writes for the So Wrong It’s Nom blog, the Cheester Egg is a nine-ounce oval made of solid, crumbly, semi-hard cheese from Wildes Cheese, which was named London’s favorite cheese in 2015. The £14.95 ($18.66) Cheester Egg can be ordered online. (As a warning: They’re sold out right now due to popular demand, but we hope they will be restocked before Easter comes.)

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Sleep in Luxury on a $9,000 Bed at This Tokyo Nap Café

When it comes to themed cafés, Tokyo has had it all. The latest pop-up in Tokyo has transformed a local café into a dream world, and it’s perfect for the perpetually sleepy. In honor of World Sleep Day (which occurred on March 17), Nescafé and France Bed Co. collaborated to launch a nap café at Nescafé Harajuku, RocketNews24 reported. At the Nescafé x France Bed Sleep Café, customers can take a two-hour nap in three kinds of luxury electric reclining beds, including the “Bosutesso BO-08,” which retails for around $8,694, and the “RP1000DLX,” which retails for roughly $1,065. If you’re in Tokyo and looking to recharge during the day, the nap café will be open through March 26.

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Blue Buffalo Recalls Wet Dog Food for Potentially Elevated Levels of Hormones

Blue Buffalo, a company that aims to provide “the highest quality natural ingredients” in its pet food, has voluntarily recalled its “BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs” due to potentially elevated levels of “naturally occurring” beef thyroid hormones, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Long-term consumption of the hormone may bring about symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, and rapid or difficult breathing. The recall is limited to one production lot of the wet food with UPC code 840243101153 and the “best by” date (which can be found on the bottom of the can) of June 7, 2019.


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