The Daily Dish: August 24, 2015

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Coca-Cola Vows Transparency Following Widespread Criticism of Company-Funded Research

Coca-Cola has vowed transparency following criticism over its latest marketing strategy. Earlier this month, the president of its newly-founded Global Energy Network suggested there was "virtually no compelling evidence" sugary drinks were related to poor health.The beverage giant has been forced to admit 'a healthy diet and regular exercise are essential for a healthy lifestyle.'

People Think Organic Food Tastes Better Even If the Label Is Fake

It seems our ethical standards may impact our taste buds. A new study from the University of Brussels and Oxford University found that when people were given a selection of identical chocolates, breakfast biscuits, and apple juices with different labels, they preferred the taste of the items purported to be organic.

Florida Is Getting an Indoor Shooting Range with a Restaurant That Serves Alcohol

Does it sound like a good idea to serve alcohol at a shooting range? City commissioners approved a measure to open a gun range connected to a restaurant that serves alcoholic beverages. Customers who show up to the range without visiting the restaurant will have to sign an affidavit stating they're not under the influence.

You Can't Drink Gatorade Unless You 'Sweat It to Get It'

Athletes drink Gatorade to refuel. The average person? Not so much. To encourage perceptions of it as a reward for exercise, the sports drink company teamed with football stars Peyton and Eli Manning, and J.J. Watt to create hilarious YouTube videos called Sweat It to Get It wherein they refuse Gatorade to students until they do something to deserve satisfying that "deep-down body thirst." Watch them on The Daily Meal.

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