The Daily Dish: August 14, 2015

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Today’s first course?

Dr Pepper Enlists Kobe Bryant, James Harden to Popularize Gatorade Rival

Dr Pepper Snapple Group is taking on Gatorade with its sports drink BodyArmor, and they’re hoping Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s high profile will help. Bryant, an investor, joins pitchmen like Rockets’ shooting guard James Harden, Cavs’ power forward Kevin Love, and Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman. The deal should gain BodyArmor wider distribution and help turn the sports drink into a national brand. According to The Wall Street Journal, sales from the last nine months have increased 180 percent since last year.

Did Someone Say Deep-Fried Bacon and Beer Ice Cream Sandwiches? Get the Recipe Here

Did someone say deep-fried bacon and beer ice cream sandwiches?! That’s the latest in the state fair food-inspired recipe category on Dude Foods, a blog geared to men with big appetites. They created this ultimate midnight snack on a whim, but now that this amazingness exists, you’re going to want to learn how to make it on The Daily Meal.

Not So Fast, Paleo Enthusiasts: Carbs Were on the Caveman Menu, Research Says

Fan of the Paleo diet? The low-carb and -dairy, high-protein and -vegetables diet supposedly mimics our ancestral eating habits, but new research says carbs were not only readily available in the Paleolithic era, but were essential to human brain growth. That’s right: Carbs could have made humanity smarter.

B&H Dairy Finally Reopening After Devastating East Village Explosion

In a heart-warming story, the gas explosion in New York’s East Village that destroyed the city’s best French fry spot (Pommes Frites) and the kosher dairy restaurant B&H, hasn’t knocked the institution out for good. After less than a month of crowdfunding, B&H Dairy says it will reopen Friday. As the restaurants’ T-shirts, say: Challah!


Finally, it looks like baseball legend "Charlie Hustle” is making it into the Hall of Fame…kind of. Major League Baseball hasn’t lifted its ban on the ineligible all-time hits leader for having gambled on baseball while managing the Reds, but Pete Rose will be inducted into Peter's Clam Bar’s own Hall of Fame in the Island Park, N.Y. restaurant where he’s hosting the annual Long Island Clam Eating Contest benefiting firehouses damaged by Hurricane Sandy.