The Daily Dish: April 19, 2016

Today's first course?

A goat walks into a Starbucks sounds like the setup for a questionable joke, however, as you see, this is no joke. Milly the goat escaped from her leash and took a casual stroll around town before ending up at a Starbucks in California. The Starbucks employees, who were opening the store for the day, tried to give the goat a banana, which it ignored. Turns out, she was more interested in a stack of cardboard boxes. Milly was taken to a local animal shelter, and her owners picked her up a little later. The owners plan to build a fence so that Milly can walk around freely, and won't escape again.

If you're a fan of pancakes, you may like this next story: IHOP has taken inspiration from the bakery for its latest limited-time offerings. Its new Bakery Favorite items include Cupcake Pancakes, Red Velvet Crepe, and Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast. Bakery Favorites will be available through June 5 at participating IHOP restaurants.

Think delivery is all about pizza, Chinese food, and fried appetizers? Well, guess again. GrubHub has just announced new data and apparently Americans are ordering healthier food now more than ever. Arugula salad orders have jumped 82 percent since 2013, while orders for Brussels sprouts have spiked 94 percent, and zucchini noodle interest amongst GrubHubbers has almost doubled. To see what other healthy dishes have grown in popularity, check out this story within the Eat/Dine section.

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