The Daily Dish: This Adorable Squirrel Is Served Tiny Ice Cream Cones Daily at This Shop

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This Ice Cream Shop’s Best Customer Is a Squirrel

Have you met Putter the ice cream cone-loving squirrel? At the Fantasy Isle Ice Cream & Mini Golf shop in Holden Beach, North Carolina, Putter — or Putt-Putt — is a regular and comes by almost every day for her squirrel-sized treat. “A lady came back in and said, ‘There’s a little squirrel out there that I offered a little bite of my cone to, and she took off with the whole thing,’” owner Scott Martin told ABC News. “First thing, I offered to get her a new cone. But then Putter kept coming back for more.” Now Putter has become the unofficial shop mascot, and customers always ask for her.

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Taiwan Becomes the First Country in Asia to Ban Eating Cats and Dogs

Korea and a few other Asian countries have a controversial history of consuming cats and dogs. However, in the wake of some recent high-profile cases of animal abuse, Taiwan has become the first Asian nation to ban the selling and consumption of dog and cat meat. The Taiwanese government passed a landmark amendment to its existing animal rights laws and stated that those found guilty of the aforementioned crimes will be named and shamed — violators may have their names and photos publicized — and will face fines of up to 250,000 Taiwan new dollars ($8,188 USD). This latest initiative fits a pattern for President Tsai Ing-wen, who identifies as an animal-lover and has also passed other laws to keep citizens from harming their beloved furry friends.

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Now You Can Apply to Work at McDonald’s Through Snapchat

McDonald’s in Australia is catering to the social media savvy with its new option that allows job seekers to apply to the fast-casual chain through Snapchat. Through its partnership with Snapchat, users can create a 10-second “Snaplication” using a filter that features a McDonald’s hat and name tag, the Chicago Tribune reported. The snap can then be submitted to McDonald’s Snapchat account, which will send back a link to the formal application.

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Starbucks China’s New Insurance Plan Covers Employees' Parents

This week, Starbucks announced that its division in China is now extending its insurance plan to the parents of its employees. The Starbucks China Care Program will begin on June 1 for eligible parents who fall critically ill, according to the press release. The plan is available for full-time employees who work at stores in mainland China. “Supporting critical illnesses for aging parents exemplifies what we believe is our responsibility as a global public company and honors the family values deeply-rooted in the Chinese culture,” Howard Schultz, executive chairman of Starbucks Coffee Company, said in a statement.

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How to Get Free Slurpees at 7-Eleven

National Siblings Day may have passed on April 10, but 7-Eleven has made it a week-long event with its latest buy-one-get-one-free promotion for its new Slurpee flavor, Pineapple Lime. The offer is valid with the purchase of any size Slurpee beverage. According to the company, Slurpees are better shared with someone else, so who better to share with than your own brother or sister?


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