Cotton Candy Grapes Are Back at Costco

Freeze them for an extra-tasty snack

Costco is selling those elusive Cotton Candy grapes that are a crossbreed of grape meant to taste like spun sugar.

Get ready for some sweet news: Cotton Candy grapes are now available at select Costco locations nationwide. The patented crossbred grape that smells and tastes just like cotton candy is currently available in bulk and on sale — possibly at your local Costco store.

The bulk warehouse retailer shared the news with a celebratory Instagram post showing a smiling woman holding the juicy, sweet, candy-flavored fruit. “Like fruit flavored candy? Try this candy flavored fruit — Organic Cotton Candy Seedless Grapes, available in select Costco warehouses,” the brand captioned their photo.

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People went nuts in the comments, tagging friends and family asking them to pick some up, expressing their love for this kind of grape and debating with strangers about whether or not they’re naturally flavored (yes they are, by the way).

According to Today, previously, Cotton Candy grapes were only available in August from California-based grower Grapery, but now the company Divine Flavor is selling them as well. Did you know that produce is some of the 17 foods you should always buy at Costco?