How much Americans are spending
SrdjanPav/ E+ via Getty Images

Coronavirus and Takeout: How Much Are We Spending a Week?

On average, Americans now order takeout twice a week
How much Americans are spending
SrdjanPav/ E+ via Getty Images

Dining during an ongoing global health crisis looks like stacked takeout containers at home for some and socially distanced indoor dining for others. Though some states have reopened for dining completely, people are increasinly using their dollars on delivery and take away food. But how much are we spending?

The Most Popular Food Delivery Request by State

Bid-On-Equipment surveyed 2,000 Americans on their takeout experience and habits during the coronavirus pandemic and analyzed search volume trends for “takeout,” “takeout near me” and more than 2,000 related terms and keywords for March 2020 to July 2020. Of the survey respondents, 65% said they have ordered takeout more frequently during the pandemic than before. 

On average, people reported ordering takeout 2.4 times per week and spending a total of $67 weekly since the start of the pandemic. 

Millennials spent slightly more than the average American, cashing out $70 a week on takeout orders. To help with offsetting the service industry’s coronavirus-induced economic devastation, 77% of survey respondents are leaving generous tips on takeout orders. 

The survey discovered other interesting trends of people’s coronavirus takeout and dining habits. According to the survey, one in three people have dined inside since restaurants reopened, but 43% still feel unsafe dining inside


Over half of respondents are also looking to support local businesses more than ever to prevent their favorite spots from meeting the same fate as other popular restaurants that have closed permanently due to the pandemic