This Company Wants to Deliver a Grilled Cheese to Your Door

A U.K. startup will deliver customized grilled cheese sandwiches to your house

Cheese Posties plans to become the world’s first grilled cheese subscription service.

Cheese Posties is trying to deliver personalized world-class grilled cheese sandwiches to your door.

The U.K. startup company just launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund Cheese Posties and create “the world’s first grilled cheese subscription,” according to their website. 

The company’s co-founders, Dave Rotheroe and Danny Jennings, believe the delivery service offers an efficient and fun alternative for lunch.

“We were talking about office lunch breaks and the monotony of spending 30 of your 60 minutes stood in a queue waiting to overpay for the same old bland sandwich,” Rotheroe told Mashable. “In a kind of eureka moment it occurred to us that all the ingredients of a grilled cheese would fit pretty tidily through a letterbox alongside a Teflon toasty bag."

The duo is offering menus that are customizable to each customer and can be delivered to any address.

“Just like savory? We only send you savory. Just like sweet? We only send you sweet. Gluten-free? We got you covered,” explains the Kickstarter video.

Subscriptions run at £3.99 ($6.28) a week. Their Kickstarter campaign runs until July 23rd and is already halfway to reaching their goal.


Sadly, Cheese Posties is only planning to deliver around England to start but is hopeful to spread worldwide.