‘Come Thru’ for Someone With This Sad Drake Cookie

Started from the bakery now we’re here

A bakery in New York frosts cookies to look like pop culture icons such as Drake, the Kardashians, and Beyoncé.

New York City bakery Cupcake Market has created a sad Drake face cookie

The large cookie features Drake’s face with closed eyes, expertly trimmed facial hair (a la his “Hotline Bling”-era look) and a single large teardrop falling from his long lashes.

The cookie conveys all the emotion of the Take Care album but with all the sugary deliciousness that is the rapper’s collaborations with Rhianna.

Impressively, the bakery has created more cookie faces than just that of our favorite rapper from the 6. The pastry artists at Cupcake Market have recreated some of the Kardashian clan with a Kim Kardashian crying emoji, a skeptical looking Kanye, and a sultry sugar-cookie Kylie (complete with bee stung lips).

The bakery also sells a ton of pop culture icon face-cookies including fan favorite Friends-characters Ross and Rachel, Justin Bieber, all five Spice Girls, Beyoncé, and many more.

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These cookies can be mixed and matched and shipped all over the country from Goldbely, making them the perfect gift for a current or ex-lover stuck in “Houstatlantavegas” that you might want to have Thank You Later


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