Chobani Launches 9 New Non-Dairy Yogurts

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Courtesy of Chobani

New year, new non-dairy options.

For the first time in its 14-year existence, Chobani is set to begin selling non-dairy yogurt. The Greek-style yogurt giant is launching a new range of wholly plant-based products — five different yogurt cups and four drinks — made from an organic coconut base, and they’re scheduled to hit store shelves in January.

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Instead of cashew, almond or soy, Chobani's non-dairy yogurt is made with an organic coconut base, similar to other brands like Coconut Dream, Good Karma, Cocoyo, So Delicious and Forager. The single-serve cup flavors will include blueberry, peach, slightly sweet plain, strawberry and vanilla, while the drinks will come in mango, slightly sweet plain, strawberry and vanilla chai flavors.

“We have a belief: If we can’t make something better, we don’t make it at all. And for some time, we’ve felt that people deserve better non-dairy options,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO of Chobani. “We’ve come up with something that’s much better than what’s out there – a new recipe that’s absolutely delicious, but also meets our food philosophy of being nutritious, made with only natural ingredients and at a price that’s accessible to all. Most importantly, this isn’t a replacement to dairy, but it’s a game-changer for plant-based products.”

The 5.3-ounce single-serve cups are expected to retail for $1.99 and the 7-ounce drinks for $2.49.

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Similar to regular Chobani yogurt, the non-dairy line is made with natural, non-GMO ingredients, and no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. The plant-based variety does not contain lactose and supposedly has 25 percent less sugar than other non-dairy options, according to Chobani. Plus, it’s reportedly jam-packed with probiotics, which are typically found in regular yogurt due to fermented dairy. So not so fast with those supplements! You never need to take probiotics if you eat these 15 foods.