Couple Gets Engaged At Chipotle: 'It's The Foundation Of Our Relationship'

When Chris Piwinski was getting ready to pop the question to his high school sweetheart, Natalie Neach, he thought about the last 12 years of their lives. What place saw them through routine lunches and dinners? Where did they go for various relationship milestones? Through every school dance, breakup, and make-up, only one place was there: the Chipotle in Elk Grove, California. Thus, the Sacramento-area native thought it was just the perfect spot to propose.

"We've done every type of dinner there. We've done pre-homecoming dinners, everything. It's one of the core foundations of our relationship, like 100 percent," Piwinski told The Daily Meal about his decision. Although there were countless gorgeous places in Northern California he could have picked to propose, the Yale University grad realized that none were as important to their relationship as the Mexican-style fast-casual restaurant. "There are so many picturesque spots, but I really thought of it and I realized, Chipotle! It has to be a Chipotle," he said.

When asked if Chipotle will have a role in the actual wedding, Neach didn't rule it out, as Chipotle chips are her favorite. "I love Chipotle dearly, I don't know about catering the whole wedding, but I'm totally down to have a chips and guac or salsa bar," she said.

Maybe Cardi B, who was just gifted a lifetime supply of chips and guac, can give the couple a few of her coupons as a wedding present. This sweet engagement story is just one of the 12 ways Chipotle is winning back our trust.