This Chewbacca Birthday Cake Is The Stuff Of 'Star Wars' Dreams

Forget the princess. What girl doesn’t want a Chewbacca birthday cake?
star wars


No bakery would agree to make the cake, so Sophie's parents got a little help from the Force.

But for the parents of 3-year-old Sophie, the task was a bit harder to execute than imagined.

According to a post on Imgur, the problem was they wanted to make the cake with a Chewbacca action figure—but no bakery would agree to do it.  Finally, they got a little help from the Force in the form of a crafty friend who stepped in to help—and the result is this awesome looking creation that would make the most die-hard "Star Wars" fan drool.

Check it out.



This article was originally published on December 4, 2015