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Macy's Culinary Council

Chef Michelle Bernstein Brings Flowery Flavor to Macy’s Culinary Council

Bernstein talked culinary roots and reviving recipes at her demo

“All recipes are very personal,” said Chef Michelle Bernstein as she prepared for her cooking demonstration at Macy’s on State Street on March 31st. “Taking something you are creating, that’s your own, and sharing your secrets with other people – it’s very intimate.”

Bernstein shared her recipes generously with an enthusiastic audience, speaking on her Jewish-Latin roots. She joked that it was impossible to come from that background and not love to eat. Her own passion for cooking grew from wanting to hang out in the kitchen with her mother. “It was organic,” she said.

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Coinciding with the Macy’s Flower Show®, Bernstein presented three recipes that all incorporated flowers. She started with squash blossoms, filling them with stracciatella and topping them with kale pesto.

Orange blossom honey was the key ingredient for the second course, a curried chicken salad with avocado on toast. Polling the audience for their opinions, one attendee said it was “different.”

“That’s not necessarily good!” Bernstein teased. “What if I had asked, ‘how’s my hair look?’ That’s not the answer you want!” She needn’t have worried, as the chicken salad was clearly a hit.

Her final dish drew from her youth – a rose water pot de crème, derived from a crème brulee recipe she once developed. Topped with candied rose petals, it was a sweet finish to the demonstration.

Bernstein stays busy with her Miami restaurants, television shows, consulting with business like Delta, and working with children’s hospitals to provide better food for patients. Catching her as part of Macy’s Culinary Council was a treat for her hungry fans.

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